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    Coming together is a Beginning ...

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    Keeping together is Progress ...

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    Working together is Success ... (Henry Ford)

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    Maximising resources:a daily challenge to meet the needs of the present ...

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Mission, Vision & Values

Unilingue Unindustria Eutac ATA

Communicate, stemming from the Latin word communicatus from communis, means the fulfilment of one's duty to others. It is composed of com, which means together, and munis, meaning responsibility, duty or function.

This concept is what has driven us every day since 1990 to further develop and share our skillset. Going beyond expectations of end users of our services - often beyond our clients - has always been the main focus of our motivation - our mission.

For us, Customer Satisfaction is just one step towards our more ambitious goal of customer loyalty. This is a dynamic concept that requires constant ethical, strategic and effective innovation to enhance both human and physical resources with the goal to daily striving towards common objectives and increasing our consensual vision.

Both communication and internationalisation are processes that require collaboration, complicity, trust and receptiveness; in short, sharing.
We develop workflows to fulfil each individual company objective, supported by standard procedures and custom solutions.

Each project is managed by a project manager charged with overseeing and optimising project administration, as well as providing progress reports to the client at any stage of the workflow. We are committed to reducing delivery times and eliminating reworking costs, abolishing interference of communication and constantly enhancing quality controls.

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